5 Energy Boosters To Pull an All-Nighter (Without The Side-Effects)

Nobody loves losing sleep, but odds are you’ve had to do it at some point or another. Whether it was to knock out a difficult assignment, cramming for a test, or any number of unexpected situations, we’ve all pulled an all-nighter. A lack of sleep has obvious negative effects, including mental fogginess, and worsened moods. But sometimes the occasional all-nighter … Read More

Our Vision

We all have fallen in and out of love with learning, and back in love with it over and over again. Because of our own experiences with formal education, and self-education, we believe the best way to teach is simply to ignite the student’s passion, and fan it into flame. The way to become great at anything is to burn … Read More

The Value of Education: Integrity, Competition and Mentorship

The discussion of education will always ignite both debate and controversy, just like religion or politics. I will admit that I could write hundreds of pages about education. I’m also definitely sure that my peers will either agree or fight with me over the most efficient way to educate our society’s youth. Some schools abide by a traditional method where … Read More

Glorification of Higher Education: Unnecessary

“An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest.” – Benjamin Franklin  It was the morning of my college graduation. The skies grey with storm signaled yet another obstacle to overcome before we would walk the red carpet to obtain our college degree. Our whole class was hungover, restless and excited. I remember waiting to feel some sort of confirmation within … Read More

Superpower: ADHD

ADHD classifies as a learning disability. The main symptoms are poor attention span, and poor impulse control. According to the National Institute of Health, 3 to 5 percent of the US population has been diagnosed with ADHD. But for myself, and many others, it’s not just a statistic. Our experience with ADHD is a large part of our life stories. … Read More

“When are we ever going to use any of this?”

It was a spring day during the eight grade year of my formal schooling. My peers and I were getting ready to make the jump from middle school to high school that, coupled with the humid Georgia spring, made it difficult to coral the attention of our thirty student Algebra class. Yet, Jim Van Es, who was also the school … Read More