Meet The Dream Team Behind The Scenes

Connor Garrett CEO

Connor Garrett is the CEO and Co-Founder of StudyHubb. He is also the author of the mini ebook 30 Days of Discipline and Dedication: A Guide To Radical Change. He has written a book of poetry and is currently adapting My Orange Duffel Bag into a screenplay and working on a dystopian novel.Connor has worked primarily as an advertising copywriter, and a search engine optimization specialist for ZipRecruiter. He combines the creativity of his creative writing background with results-oriented objectivity. This combination has given him the versatility to thrive as an entrepreneur and to climb the corporate ladder right out of college. In his free time, Connor loves to write, explore new places and turn complex ideas into tangible things. He is a radical change and cross-pollination enthusiast, and is a Dreamer-In-Residence at LinkedIn

Anuj Thakkar Director of Strategy

Anuj Thakkar is the Director of Strategy at StudyHubb. He has worked as a senior business development at Lead Forensics, as well as in fashion for his own startup Legend Apparel. Anuj has also worked as an international marketing and sales executive for Fabtech Technology International, and as a general manager of Supershine Carwash, which served to hone his work ethic and eye for growing a business from the ground up.Anuj does everything with verve. He throws himself head first into his projects and objectives. His specialty is in sales, allowing him to intuitively identify customers wants and needs. Additionally, his charisma, and ever-turning tactical mind are vitally important to the StudyHubb team.In his free time, Anuj loves to work out, stay active, and meet make genuine connections with others! LinkedIn

Richard Fendler CMO

Richard Fendler is the CMO and Co-Founder of, and the author of the mini ebook A Beginner’s Guide To Search Engine Optimization. He also works as an SEO manager for ZipRecruiter, and has personally generated over 1,000 links in their link-building efforts. Additionally, he has worked as a business development executive for ZipRecruiter after being hand-picked by CEO Ian Siegel for the position. In his free time, Richard loves gaming, making music and turning the real world into his personal version of The Matrix. He is a Dreamer-In-Residence at LinkedIn

Alex Chung COO

Alex Chung is the COO and Co-Founder of StudyHubb. He has worked primarily in business development as an executive for Lead Forensics, an Atlanta-based company touted as the future of lead generation. He has also worked numerous sales positions from a young age, honing his keen ability to close a deal. Alex is pragmatic and tenacious when it comes to achieving the next objective, and he has a track record of meeting and usually exceeding whatever standard is placed before him. His never-quit attitude has been a driving force behind multiple early-stage startups.In his free time, Alex loves to read, exercise, and play basketball. He is also a die-hard fan of all Atlanta sports teams, but especially his Falcons. LinkedIn

Ashley Russell Director of Social Media and Marketing

Ashley Russell is the director of social media and marketing at StudyHubb. She combines her sharp eye for content and bi-lingualism to masterfully reach the company’s intended audience. Ashley has worked as a demand generation specialist, serving as a liaison between the marketing and sales executives at Lead Forensics. She has consistently analyzed and predicted commercial trends in the lead generation market. Additionally, Ashley served on the International Refugee Committee, teaching a series of classes (women’s literacy, ESOL, computer classes, citizenship courses) to acclimate refugees into US culture. As a true citizen of the world, she has also worked for the Carter Center for Peace, assisting with events, filing, payroll, and clerical tasks, while learning the ins and outs of the organization’s global efforts. In her free time, Ashley works with graphic design, and loves to travel around the world. LinkedIn

Jawad Mazhir CCO

Jawad Mazhir is the CCO and Co-Founder of StudyHubb. He has worked as a marketing professional, dealing directly with brands and artists, such as LMFAO, Wu-Tang Clan, Slaughterhouse, Royce da 5’9, Eminem (Shady Records), and the producers of the Justice League. Jawad is also the CEO of Dreams Collective (DC). He used his experience from graduate school to build DC from the ground up shortly after. DC is a brand accelerator and incubator for creative ideas and creative people to turn their dreams into a reality. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the brand co-op helps artists and entrepreneurs invest in their dreams. Jawad and Dreams Collective have aided in shaping StudyHubb into what it is today, from the logo design and aesthetic to the learning management system.In his free time, Jawad continues to nurture the startups and brands involved with DC, treating each of them like his babies. Oh, and he loves dogs! LinkedIn

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