Meet Uni Bot. Your very own personal assistant. Uni will help organize your personal, academic, and social life.

Personal Assistant

Eliminate dreadful long to-do lists and let Uni become your sidekick. From remebering your grocery list or reminding you to go work-out. Uni will improve your life by helping you actualize your goals and not just write them down with bullets points next to them.

Teacher's Aide

Homework, essays, quizes, book reports, tests, midterms, projects, etc… Student life is the busy life. Upload your syllabus and Uni will make sure you stay on top of everything. Get convenient summaries reminding you which assignments you need to priortize and focus on.

Social Concierge

Uni won’t let you sacrifice your sleep or good grades for an fun and active social life. Stay up to date with local events, promotions, and everything else happening around & near you. Uni will also notify you of any campus programs going on so you never miss out on anything.

Coming Soon to FB Messenger.

Later This Month!